Infrasound & Paranormal Claims

Posted: April 23, 2011 in The Paranormal
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Have you ever experienced the effects of infrasound? Believe it or not it is quite normal in our everyday lives; however, we might not pay attention to it.

Infrasound is when an object such as a guitar string is vibrating on such a low frequency (e.g. lower than 20 hertz or cycles per second) it causes a second string to start playing without it being touched. To the average person this would seem paranormal at the surface. However, sound and vibrations are capable of traveling at such low frequencies it goes undetected by the human ear. However, it is important to note, that when conditions are right the human ear can detect sound waves as low as 10 hertz or cycles per second. In addition, Vic Tandy, a lecturer at Coventry University, explained how infrasound can cause feelings and symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, and chills. All of the aforementioned symptoms can present as paranormal at reported haunted locations.

Infrasound is also utilized when measuring earthquake activity. The frequency range falls between 20 hertz and 0.001 hertz. These are levels not detected by the human ear. If you have ever been on a true ghost investigation you would know that the digital voice recorders that are used are very sensitive as well. They are able to pick up sounds, voices, and other things the human ear doesn’t detect. Furthermore, when an EVP is captured there is sometimes a clicking or popping sound associated before or after the EVP. Could that be a type of infrasound that is caught digitally? Another question to ask is “Will an infrasound device detect energy from a spirit that is attempting to manifest”? Yet another question is “Are EVP’s on an infrasound frequency”?

It would be interesting to experiment with infrasound technology while conducting a paranormal investigation. It is always good to step outside the realm of EMF Pumps, the Ovilus, the K2 Meter, RIM Pods, and Digital Voice Recorders to gather evidence that ties science to the other side. Furthermore, Infrasound technology might be able to shore up some unanswered questions within the paranormal community. What types of technology and experiments should be conducted while on a paranormal investigation? The team at McLennan County Paranormal Investigations are always interested in your comments and suggestions.


The McLennan County
Paranormal Investigations Team


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