Ghostly Children

Posted: July 7, 2011 in The Paranormal

Rumor has it that when a child passes from this life, a spirit guide or a loved one is there to greet them and help them on their journey. If the child has passed away before either parent or their grandparents; consequently, they would not know anyone on the other side. However, a helpful spirit could possible show up for the sole purpose of guiding this young soul home. With that being said, would the child embrace the helpful spirit or would they run away. The child may have been scared of those in the house and hid from them for a while. On the other hand, they may have observed them in their day to day activity and become accustom to their habits. This is especially true if a couple has children of an age that the child spirit can relate to. With respect to the paranormal, it is believed you are in death as you were in life; subsequently, if the child was naturally reserved in life it is reasonable to say they would be the same in death.

This may explain the reasons that haunting’s by ghost children may take a while to manifest. It may take months even years for these young lost spirits to make their presence known. As a result, it is theorized that the spirit world where these lost souls reside has no restrictions on time. A year or even a decade could possibly be a day or month to them.

As the child spirit becomes accustom to the presence of people, they may start to feel an affinity toward them. Consequently, doing things to gain attention becomes a top priority. Such things include, but are not limited to, making noises, moving objects, or if they are strong enough, manifesting themselves to become noticed. In addition, they may even appear playful or mischievous in their actions to gain notoriety. This is especially true with children as they will actually play with the child spirit as an imaginary playmate. As a result, a strong bond can form between the child spirit and living child which follows the family even when they move.

Some would say this type of activity from a child spirit could be a frightening experience for those who do not understand what is happening. Others may simply choose to ignore these events in hope that they will stop. There are also those with a strong religious background which may choose to have the place blessed, therefore dooming the child spirit to leave and roam the earth.

 Children are more apt to perceive the spirit than adults. Why is this? Usually, children under the age of 8-10 seemed to be more open minded to everything including spirits. They have not had the conditioning that we, as adults, have to what is acceptable and what is not. A child’s mind is pure in thought and has not been jaded by society as to what is real and what is imaginary. Due to this fact, a spirit, be it a child or adult, may be drawn to them. Think about this. If you died and for whatever reason you stayed on this plane walking around trying to make contact with people who will not acknowledge your presence, would you be upset? Now take that same scenario but you notice someone staring at you, watching your every move. Would you be drawn to that person?

Did you have an imaginary playmate when you were a child? Did that playmate seem real to you? Could you see it plainly enough to see the color of their hair, what they wore, how tall they were? Could you hear the words they spoke to you? Did you share secrets with them and them to you? Are you sure they were imaginary?

Even though ghost children seem to exist around us, do not fear them. If you are confronted by a ghost child, try to understand things from their point of view. They may be scared and lonely and wanting nothing more than for you to notice or talk to them. Make that attempt, reassure them, and try to help them find their way back home to the loved ones that went before them. In accomplishing this task you will be helping one of Gods most precious gifts.


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