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The Paranormal Community understand’s what EVP’s are and the scientific value associated with them. EVP’s are short for “Eletronic Voice Phenomena” and are recorded on digital voice recorders during an investigation. Most of the time EVP’s are captured within a range that is far beyond what the human ear can pick up; however, there are occasions when a disembodied voice will be heard by the human ear. Generally, the human voice ranges from 300 hz to upwards of 3,000 hz. EVP’s can be found anywhere from 0 hz to 300 hz and appear to be flat within the wave form. However, with software such as Adobe Audition one can analyze the spectral frequency of the waveform and determine roughly the range of frequency the recorded EVP is falling in. Determining the range of frequency for an EVP is vital to it’s credibility along with reviewing all video to help solidify your evidence.

McLennan County Paranormal Investigations takes pride in their investigations and works hard to help everyday people with paranormal claims. They review every potential EVP with detail and take into consideration all variables and factors surrounding the capture. Please feel free to click on the MCPI Facebook & EVP Samples at the top of this page to listen to actual samples from past investigations. If you like what you hear join the growing fan base and stay up to date with our investigations. Furthermore, you can also follow us on Twitter by searching for @MCPI_TX to receive real-time updates as we Tweet during our investigations. Last but not least, you can click on the MCPI Videos tab at the top of the page to watch past investigations online.


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