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Emotional bonds within a family structure can be especially strong if they are nurtured and maintained properly. This is especially true with when comparing and contrasting the many different ethnic cultures, values, and traditions that make up our physical plane here on earth. When emotional connections are abruptly severed due to a death: is it possible the grieving process could be a mechanism to sense or feel their presence after departure? The death of a loved one is a major life experience that could alter your per caption of reality; therefore, sending you into emotional devastation and a dark depression. It is important to understand that some spirits may feed on these emotions, thus deceiving you into believing they are something they’re not.

When an emotional bond is broken between two people by virtue of one passing on: could their sense of reality be altered such to allow their mind to cope with this major life event? Would this major life event allow an individual to embrace the image of the deceased in a way that convinces them can sense their presence? When an emotional bond is broken, the hurt could be so deep that an individual may cause the manifestation of a loved one’s image. Is it possible, by pure will power, that the human brain could obstruct a spirit from ascending from this plane of existence to the next?

It is said that we only use 10 percent of our mind’s capability. That leaves 90 percent of it untapped and uncharted. Emotional bonds are such a powerful connection; therefore, it could be powerful enough to be responsible for some of the alleged sightings that have occurred. However, where does that leave the rest of the sightings? Emotional bonds are capable of moving the greatest objects such as cars or concrete.

The bereaved may find comfort in the fact the soul never dies. However, may remain on this plane of existence for the purpose of comforting those left behind. The love and emotional bond they once had could also be a catalyst as to why they remain. It is possible they stay on this plane to say farewell in their own way by giving signs to the ones left behind. In addition, a spirit may remain close to the possessions they had when living; therefore, keeping them from properly ascending. They could go as far as attaching themselves to a particular piece they were extremely fond of. There are many reasons that spirits do not pass on. In my professional opinion, the biggest reason is the fear of the unknown. This in itself is a powerful emotion both for the living and dead.

McLennan County Paranormal Investigations Team