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There are many skeptics who shoot down the claim that Energy Orbs really exist. However, there are three major difference between “Dust Orbs” & “Energy Orbs”. This article will briefly outline the major differences between the two.

The first difference between the two is that Energy Orbs contain their own light source; consequently, this is why they have color associated with them. Dust Orbs are consistently grey in color (when seen on IR Video Cameras or Digital Cameras). Furthermore, how do you explain the color and light source within a room that is consistently dark. The second major Difference is the shape of an Energy Orb versus a Dust Orb. Energy Orbs are not perfectly round and do not follow a consistent shape. Dust Orbs are mostly seen as a round circle which is transparent. Dust Orbs are also grey and it doesn’t matter if they are seen with IR video camera or digital camera. The third difference between Energy Orbs and Dust Orbs is that Energy Orbs typically have a specified path of motion. They can enter from upper left camera and move diagonally right. They can move in a circular path or even start one direction and dart back to another. Dust Orbs can do none of the previously mentioned. They only float and flutter throughout the air and space.

To truly understand Energy Orbs you really need a personal experience and the right equipment to capture them. We have seen them with our own eyes and we have even seen one dart towards a cell phone which resulted in the phone dialing out on speaker phone on its own. That is a personal experience to never forget but it happened and it happened with three team members present. Each one of us witnessed the occurrence.

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