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Is it possible that more paranormal activity occurs in times of severe weather or solar activity? There is belief among the paranormal community that it’s not only possible but it is more probable. We will look at four occurrences that seem to supply these spirits with a source of energy necessary to induce paranormal activity. From a physiological perspective, humans, plants, and animals possess a certain element of electrical energy at their molecular core. Is it too far-fetched to say that when we pass from this life, we carry some of that energy with us? Remember the definition of energy: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed and it is used to perform work.

During your investigations you have probably experienced new battery depletion coupled with various forms of equipment failure. This is not uncommon when there is paranormal activity present. These entities are thought to draw upon any available electrical source for their power allowing them to move objects, manifest, make noises and communicate with you through voice recordings. We are going to look at four possible avenues that these spirits can use to enhance their energy patterns.

Solar Flares and Thunderstorms:

It is theorized that during unsettled weather and solar activity, the Earths naturally occurring electromagnetic field that surrounds our planet is energized with a surplus energy. These entities are thought to be able to tap into this rich resource, thus, increasing paranormal activity during these events.


Solar flares occur when magnetic field lines on the sun get tangled up into knots, building potential energy until they reach a tipping point. Then that energy is converted into heat, light and the motion of charged particles.

There are five classifications on Solar X-rays and three for the Geomagnetic Field:


Normal, Active, X Class Flare, Mega Flare, & M Class Flare


Quiet, Unsettled, and Storm

Anything above normal range for solar flares can and will affect the Earth’s geomagnetic field. You can capture some great evidence if you are lucky enough to be investigating during these times especially if it is a mega flare or geomagnetic storm. It will produce an abundant amount of ions that will cover the surface of the Earth creating a lot of energy that spirits will be able to draw from. You can go to to learn more about this phenomenon.


This is another occurrence that will charge the air with both positive and negative ions that will increase your chances to capture paranormal activity.

It is also theorized that the peak of a thunderstorm creates a higher vibrational frequency that enhances the entities ability as they will be able to draw on the raw power that seems to electrify the air.


For centuries people have associated the full moon with the romantic at heart as well as supernatural activity. The moon’s phases can be a very favorable time for an investigation to occur.

The dark moon (or new moon) has always been associated with the supernatural. A dark moon rises at the same time as the sun and because of this you can’t see the moon.

However, the best time to experiencing paranormal phenomena is two to three days before or after a full moon or new moon. The phases or lunar cycles of the Moon are discribed below.

New Moon – The Moon is not visible (except during a solar eclipse).  This means that the Sun, Earth, and Moon are almost in a straight line, with the Moon in between the Sun and the Earth.  The Moon that we see looks very dark.

Waxing Crescent – This Moon can be seen after the New Moon, but before the First Quarter Moon.  The crescent will grow larger and larger every day, until the Moon looks like the First Quarter Moon.

First Quarter – The right half of the Moon appears lighted and the left side of the Moon appears dark.  During the time between the New Moon and the First Quarter Moon, the part of the Moon that appears lighted gets larger and larger every day, and will continue to grow until the Full Moon.

Waxing Gibbous – The Moon appears to be more than one-half full. This Moon can be seen after the First Quarter Moon, but before the Full Moon.

Full Moon – The Moon’s illuminated side is facing the Earth. The lighted side of the Moon faces the Earth.  This means that the Earth, Sun, and Moon are nearly in a straight line, with the Earth in the middle.  The Moon that we see is very bright from the sunlight reflecting off it.

Waning Gibbous – The Moon appears to be more than one-half but not fully illuminated by direct sunlight. This Moon can be seen after the Full Moon, but before the Last Quarter Moon.

Last Quarter – One-half of it appears to be illuminated by direct sunlight. The part of the Moon that is illuminated is decreasing. The left half of the Moon appears lighted, and the right side of the Moon appears dark.

Waning Crescent – The Moon appears to be partly but less than one-half illuminated by direct sunlight. The fraction of the Moon’s disk that is illuminated is decreasing. This Moon can be seen after the Last Quarter Moon and before the New Moon.

The above mentioned phases can affect Earth’s geomagnetic field. The nearer the moon gets when it’s full the more it can affect it. Paranormal activity appears to be more active due to the increase and flux of the geomagnetic field along with the gravitational force that it produces when in the full or dark phase. You can visit the following website to learn more about these phases:



It is believed that equinoxes and solstices throughout history are very conducive to supernatural occurrences. Therefore, they present an opportunity for paranormal investigators to capture evidence & activity. This reason is steeped in the folklore that these times are important from a supernatural perspective relative to the “Conscious Shift & Awakening”. The “Conscious Shift & Awakening” is a teaser and will be explored in further articles.


 The winter solstice falls on December 21st and is the shortest day of the year. The winter solstice is caused by the sun taking a lower and lower path in the sky and eventually reaching its lowest point on December 21st. This allows a longer period of darkness on that date because the sun sets sooner. Furthermore, It is theorized that paranormal activity increases on the date of the winter solstice.


On the brighter side, the Spring & Summer solstice occurs around June 21st and allows a longer period of daylight.

An equinox happens each year at two specific moments in time when there is a location on the Earth’s equator where the center of the Sun can be observed to be vertically overhead. These are the only two days of the year when the days and the nights are each 12 hours long.


Fall Equinox occurs around September 21st and Spring Equinox around March 21st.

So if you really want a fool proof plan to catch ghostly activity McLennan County Paranormal recommends four easy steps:

1)    You need to ghost hunt when the Earth is experiencing a Mega Flare

2)    At the beginning of an Equinox or Solstice

3)    When there is  a full Moon

4)    And during a raging Super Cell Thunderstorm.

Easier said than done right? A little humor never hurt the Paranormal Investigator. We have to keep our sanity somehow right?

Blessings from,

McLennan County Paranormal Investigations



For some, “goose bumps”, “chills”, or the “hair raising on the back of your neck” are something that occurs when it is cold outside or they have a fever. However, and for those who have been on paranormal investigations, “goose bumps” or “chills” are more than being cold. It is a homeostatic mechanism of internal imbalance that sends internal messages and elevates the senses:  an internal and external cue or warning so to speak. Have you ever thought about why you are feeling “goose bumps” or “chills” despite the fact of being cold or on a paranormal investigation? As a paranormal investigator, I believe the reason lies internally & externally relative to our physiological characteristics. This article will briefly explain how external elements influence our internal reactions with respect to feeling and seeing “goose bumps”, “chills”, or “hair raising on the back of your neck”.

What Lies Beneath

Initially, everything in this world is looked at with a superficial frame of mind. However, it takes a lot more than superficial thinking to fully understand something or someone. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a car, a house, meeting someone for the first time, buying a book, drawing, playing music, building a business, or even conducting a paranormal investigation. You absolutely cannot understand anything previously mentioned without looking deeper into its makeup. To fully understand something or someone you should fully understand the sum of all its parts. With that being said lets jump into the scientific/physiological theory behind the “goose bumps” & “chills”.

The Structure of the Human Organism

This section will briefly outline how the human organism is structured and is as follows:

1)      Subatomic Particles

2)      Atomic Particles ***(Contain, Neutron, Proton’s, & Electrons)***

3)      Molecules

4)      Macromolecules

5)      Organelles

6)      Cells

7)      Tissues

8)      Organ

9)      Organ System

10)   Complex Organism (Human Being)

The second item in the above mentioned list is very important as you will see later in this article.

Receptor Types & Sensory Impulses

In my professional opinion, three of the five Receptor Types are used during a paranormal investigation. Thy include Pain Receptors, Thermoreceptors, and Photoreceptors. The Pain Receptors deal with stimuli such as exposure to excess mechanical, electrical, thermal, or chemical energy. Thermoreceptors deal with temperature change. Lastly, Photoreceptors deal with light energy of sufficient intensity.

Sensory receptors can be ends of neurons or other types of cells close to them. When stimulation changes their membrane potentials (receptor potentials), a graded electric current is generated which reflects the intensity of stimulation. Lastly, peripheral nerves transmit sensory impulses to the central nervous system where they are interpreted in the brain. One important key factor to remember is that these impulses are electrical in nature.

What is Energy

By scientific definition the explanation of energy is the capacity to change something; it is the ability to do work. Since we recognize energy for what it can do; subsequently, we understand common forms of energy to be heat, light, sound, electrical energy, mechanical energy, and chemical energy. Furthermore, energy can neither be created nor destroyed; however, it can change from one form to another.

What exactly is EMF

EMF is the abbreviated version of Electromagnetic Fields. An EMF is a field of force that consists of both electric and magnetic components, resulting from the motion of an electric charge and containing a definite amount of electromagnetic energy. It is believed that spirits can raise and manipulate the level of EMF’s, therefore increasing their ability to manifest, move objects, or speak.

Goose Bumps and Chills

At the superficial surface of the skin most of us have shafts of hair. Even without the presence of hair “goose bumps” and “chills” still occur because the process does not change. Below the Epidermis lies the Dermis portion of the skin. Within the Dermis you have the hair follicle and a bundle of smooth muscle cells called the Arrector pili muscle which is connected to the follicle. In addition, there are several nerve cell processes which relay messages about sensory impulses and incoming stimuli. The Arrector pili muscle is situated on the hair follicle so that a short hair in the follicle stands on end when the muscle contracts. Nerve impulses, which are electrical in nature, cause the contraction of the muscles. This in turn sends signals to our central nervous system and our brain process the information, resulting in “goose bumps” or “chills”.

The Sum of All Its Parts

When a spirit tries to manifest itself, it manipulates the electromagnetic field around it. It uses that energy which is changed from one form to another to perform work. Our internal homeostatic mechanism is triggered by internal & external receptors that detect that change, thus resulting in electrical nerve impulses that cause muscles to contract, hair to stand on end, and goose bumps to rise. The human was created from subatomic particles, which then formed atomic particles consisting of protons, a neutron, and electrons. This is why the human organism can detect and is sensitive to changes in an electrical field. You are not crazy if you are feeling sensations around you that might be paranormal. It is crazy to totally discount what god has created, how we were created, and how our internal system operates relative to our external environment.

Mclennan County Paranormal Investigations Team

Have you ever experienced the effects of infrasound? Believe it or not it is quite normal in our everyday lives; however, we might not pay attention to it.

Infrasound is when an object such as a guitar string is vibrating on such a low frequency (e.g. lower than 20 hertz or cycles per second) it causes a second string to start playing without it being touched. To the average person this would seem paranormal at the surface. However, sound and vibrations are capable of traveling at such low frequencies it goes undetected by the human ear. However, it is important to note, that when conditions are right the human ear can detect sound waves as low as 10 hertz or cycles per second. In addition, Vic Tandy, a lecturer at Coventry University, explained how infrasound can cause feelings and symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, and chills. All of the aforementioned symptoms can present as paranormal at reported haunted locations.

Infrasound is also utilized when measuring earthquake activity. The frequency range falls between 20 hertz and 0.001 hertz. These are levels not detected by the human ear. If you have ever been on a true ghost investigation you would know that the digital voice recorders that are used are very sensitive as well. They are able to pick up sounds, voices, and other things the human ear doesn’t detect. Furthermore, when an EVP is captured there is sometimes a clicking or popping sound associated before or after the EVP. Could that be a type of infrasound that is caught digitally? Another question to ask is “Will an infrasound device detect energy from a spirit that is attempting to manifest”? Yet another question is “Are EVP’s on an infrasound frequency”?

It would be interesting to experiment with infrasound technology while conducting a paranormal investigation. It is always good to step outside the realm of EMF Pumps, the Ovilus, the K2 Meter, RIM Pods, and Digital Voice Recorders to gather evidence that ties science to the other side. Furthermore, Infrasound technology might be able to shore up some unanswered questions within the paranormal community. What types of technology and experiments should be conducted while on a paranormal investigation? The team at McLennan County Paranormal Investigations are always interested in your comments and suggestions.


The McLennan County
Paranormal Investigations Team

The Paranormal Community understand’s what EVP’s are and the scientific value associated with them. EVP’s are short for “Eletronic Voice Phenomena” and are recorded on digital voice recorders during an investigation. Most of the time EVP’s are captured within a range that is far beyond what the human ear can pick up; however, there are occasions when a disembodied voice will be heard by the human ear. Generally, the human voice ranges from 300 hz to upwards of 3,000 hz. EVP’s can be found anywhere from 0 hz to 300 hz and appear to be flat within the wave form. However, with software such as Adobe Audition one can analyze the spectral frequency of the waveform and determine roughly the range of frequency the recorded EVP is falling in. Determining the range of frequency for an EVP is vital to it’s credibility along with reviewing all video to help solidify your evidence.

McLennan County Paranormal Investigations takes pride in their investigations and works hard to help everyday people with paranormal claims. They review every potential EVP with detail and take into consideration all variables and factors surrounding the capture. Please feel free to click on the MCPI Facebook & EVP Samples at the top of this page to listen to actual samples from past investigations. If you like what you hear join the growing fan base and stay up to date with our investigations. Furthermore, you can also follow us on Twitter by searching for @MCPI_TX to receive real-time updates as we Tweet during our investigations. Last but not least, you can click on the MCPI Videos tab at the top of the page to watch past investigations online.


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